Frequently asked questions

Q. How many kinesiology sessions will I need?

A. Most people find that their issue can be resolved in three to six sessions. A good indicator can be how how long you have suffered from the condition, as the body may have made many compensations over the months or years, and may therefore take longer to re-balance. However, there is no hard and fast rule.


Q. How often should I come for treatments?

A. It suits most people's recovery to have an appointment every three weeks. In some urgent cases, appointments may be more often, but this is rare. If the client feels an improvement that then recedes completely over the time between treatments, then it may be worth booking an appointment sooner the next time, to enable ongoing improvement, rather than returning to 'square one'. At other times a longer gap may be recommended, in order to allow nutritional supplements or lifestyle changes to fully tak effect.


Q. Do I have to take the nutrition recommended?

A. No one will force you to do this and it is not included in the appointment fee. You are given the contact details of the nutritional stockists and the nutrition which showed as beneficial for you through the muscle testing. On ordering, it is then sent out to you the next day. Nutrition significantly aids the body's recovery and only the highest quality products are recommended, so by not taking it, recovery is often slower.

Q. What if I already take nutrition?

A. Please bring any nutrition or medication that you currently take with you. This will help inform the muscle testing and we can ascertain whether it is beneficial for you.

Q. How will I feel after a treatment?

A. Because kinesiology works on an energetical and emotional level, the vast majority of clients feel relaxed and soothed after a session and want to rest! It's normal to feel quite tired - our bodies are often in state of almost permanent stress and after a treatment where they are allowed to relax, they send out strong messages to try to enable the changes to continue to take place.


Q. Do I have to be fit and strong to have a treatment?

A. Not in the slightest! Young children through to octogenarians have found kinesiology treatments effortless; the pressure put on the muscles is very slight and if flexibility for certain positions is an issue, there are ways around this too.


Q. What if I am severely incapacitated? Or too young?

A. Treatments are able to take place using an able-bodied surrogate.


Q. Do I have to take any clothes off?

A. No, clients remain fully clothed at all times.


Q. Can I pay by card?

A. Unfortunately I do not have card payment facilities here, so I can only accept cash, BACs or cheque payment.

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