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Overview of the Foundation Course

Throughout the duration of the course, you will learn how to accurately muscle test by moving a limb through a range of movement, feeling for a strong or weak response. Each muscle has an association with a meridian energy flow.

If a muscle response is weak, you will use strengthening techniques taught to improve the muscle response, which also feed through to the associated meridian and organ.

Techniques include:
• Holding neurovascular points on the head to increase blood flow;
• Running the acupuncture meridian flow lines in a positive direction to restore energy flow;
• Placing nutrition on the body to identify which nutrition strengthens the muscle;
• Massaging lymphatic points associated with the muscle to increase lymph flow and help remove toxins;
• Recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to improve health and wellbeing.

The foundation course provides you with the techniques and learning tools to have confidence in supporting clients with many health issues or imbalances. You will:

• Be able to release stress on a client through holding Emotional Stress Release points on the head as well as muscle test specific flower remedies to support emotions;
• Be able to test for food sensitivities, recommending dietary changes which can help ‘foggy’ minds, tiredness and improve IBS symptoms and digestive issues;
• Learn how to test for dehydration, proteins and minerals and support nutritionally;
• Learn how to balance specific areas of pain including, neck, shoulder, back, knee, wrist and ankles;
• Be able to balance stress and muscles associated with the hormones / thyroid and adrenal systems;
• Learn how to improve neurotransmitter response circuits to improve learning difficulties to support dyslexia, dyspraxia, as well as left/right side of the brain response;
• Develop techniques to support reading, hearing, vision, writing, cognition, IQ, memory; for children as well as adults;
• Be able to release pain through pain dispersal methods and emotional connections associated by accidents, trauma, sprains, strains and referred pain;
• Learn structural techniques to improve gaits, reactive muscles, sacrum, neck and jaw problems;
• Learn how stress influences the wrist pulses on the Chinese 5 element theory, creating over-energies and pain in the body.

Within your training, you will learn how to confidently select protocols for specific clients, ensuring that you are supporting your client’s individual needs and requirements.