Course reviews

Course reviews:

This is the best course that I have ever been on! Louise is such a kind and supportive tutor. She is respectful to everyone’s individual learning styles and has the unbelievable knack of making potentially challenging content incredibly easy to understand and access. The course organisation was considerately structured and worked progressively and logically through the content and methods. I loved the course folder and muscle manual,  I found them really well laid out and logical. As a practicing reflexologist, I cannot believe how much more knowledge I have managed to accumulate in this relatively short time. Also, I hadn’t expected to have a personal healing journey either. That came as a surprise: I had pain in my hip, which, after a demo session with Louise, has totally gone! Louise was the best tutor ever!


I would highly recommend learning kinesiology with Louise. The whole experience from start to finish has been mind-blowing and helped so much with everyday life and choices. So many times during the course where we have been practicing techniques on one another I have either come out without the head-ache or body pain that I went in with. And now, I know so much more about my own body and it helps me keep on top of my health. Louise was so interesting to listen to and watch. She described everything so well and answered all our odd questions! Even if you just do this for friends and family, this course is worth every penny, I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Louise is such an enthusiastic, calm, supportive and nurturing tutor. The content, the pace, the support was all perfect. It was lovely when content or delivery was adapted to meet the group’s needs. She made all the learning and assessment as stress free as possible. Her gentle and light hearted approach to all aspects of kinesiology is inspirational. I feel privileged to have had this experience with Louise, thank you.


This course has been really thorough and informative. Louise is a fantastic teacher and I enjoyed meeting some lovely people and learning so much. I have suffered from tinnitus for about 18 months and during a session which involved ‘ear unfurling’, I could not believe how much clearer and sharper my hearing became. I would definitely recommend the course and Louise to anyone who was interested in learning kinesiology – I cannot believe how much we have learned in six months!


Coming into kinesiology to learn, I didn’t realise how much self-healing it would give me. Having fears that have now been resolved in this safe and supportive environment is incredible! It has really changed my life and I feel so much more confident and have learned so much about my own body. I can highly recommend this course, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m so excited to share my knowledge with my friends and family and move on to practitioner & diploma soon!


This course has been a real learning curve for me. I now have so much more confidence in myself and am better able to deal with life’s challenges. My outlook on life is calmer, better and happier. The group has been lovely and the Louise’s teaching is amazing; she is eloquent, friendly and a bit like Mary Poppins, firm but fair! The delivery was excellent. I’ve really enjoyed learning something new and knowing that I am now armed with tools to help others. Next stop, diploma!

The course is amazing. I've learnt so much from Louise and her knowledge is incredible. The immediate personal relief in my neck pain from a simple kinesiology technique which I learned was powerful to see and feel. It was also great to be able to replicate it to ease my case study's pain.

An invaluable course to empower yourself to help your friends and family find their way back to health, both physically and emotionally. I feel so excited to have this tool box, especially to support the well-being of my kids.

Coming from a medical background, the KiTE course provided a fascinating exploration and overview of a domain totally unfamiliar to me, but one which has ignited an interest which I hope I can take forward.

Louise is a patient, intuitive and supportive teacher, facilitating learning for all students, whatever their background and skill base.

From a reflexologist's perspective:

Many reflexologists choose to expand their skills with other touch therapies, such as massage, Indian head massage, reiki and the like.  But really, they are missing a trick by not exploring kinesiology.  I went on the course with an open mind after receiving a treatment myself.  I hoped to leave the course with new knowledge and an insight into a new field, but I left with so so much more!

 I now understand far more than I ever did about meridians.  I have a better understanding of anatomy and specifically muscles.  I am able to make better connections between symptoms, muscles and health issues.  I have a much greater awareness of nutrition and I have fallen in love with Bach's flower remedies!  I have gained confidence in my existing knowledge of energy work and expanded my overall understanding of how humans work on so many different levels.

 Kinesiology looks holistically at people and their health but in a slightly different way to reflexology.  In reflexology, we treat the whole person, regardless of their health and we work the reflexes we think are relevant and work with intention, but ultimately, we hope that healing will go to where it is needed and that balance will be restored.  With kinesiology, you can fine tune the direction of your energy much better.  The muscle testing is mind-blowing.  Using this, you can find exactly and specifically where you need to work.  Not only that, once you have identified which organ or muscle needs balancing work, you can then find out if that balancing work lies within nutritional changes, structural work, emotional support or energy work.  Kinesiology gives you the tools to target and hone your healing work to exactly where it is needed, and better than that, kinesiology gives you the feedback to know if you have hit the nail on the head.

 I really felt as I progressed through the course that I was being given all the missing pieces, it connected pockets of knowledge that had previously stood alone in my brain!  I had many light bulb moments!!

I see reflexology as very relaxing and often the client is asleep and the main conversation is at the beginning of the treatment, whereas with kinesiology, it's aim is to investigate and there is lots of movement and lots of speaking and conversation.  So, I see the two as complementary but separate modalities.  I foresee that I will offer my reflexology clients kinesiology sessions to be interspersed with their existing treatments - depending on which modality feels most relevant for their health at the time.   I am so excited to now be able to offer my clients even more, and a more rounded healing experience.

From a naturapathic nutritionist's perspective:

The Kinesiology Foundation Course with Louise has been the most incredible experience. Learning muscle testing has been a complete game changer in my role as a Naturopathic Nutritionist. Occasionally, it can be a challenge knowing where to start with clients when there are a number of issues to be addressed. Kinesiology not only provides techniques to read the body’s needs, it also provides techniques to establish the order in which the needs must be addressed.

It also supports the body holistically, enabling the client to be in the optional state to absorb and utilise the nutrition recommended.

Using muscle responses to inform food sensitivity testing  is also very useful in ensuring that elements of the client's diet aren't undoing all our good work.

It has been an invaluable learning opportunity and I cannot wait to utilise these new skills.