""I have greatly felt the benefits of each session (physically, mentally & spiritually) with Louise and can honestly say it has transformed my life as I am now living without things that limited me to live my best life. I love the way Louise works, it is very gentle but very powerful and effective by getting to the roots without being invasive.  I highly recommend Louise to help make shifts in your life to move forward, i wish i had met her years ago" Bharti Mistry

"What can I say? Louise Bourne & kinesiology came at a time when I most needed help with my body & mind & I can't recommend her enough. I have also referred many friends on to Louise's practice & they all share the same awe & admiration for her intuitive reading of our body. I first started seeing Louise when tendonitis in both legs meant that I was in pain constantly & no amount of massage or visits to the Osteopath worked. Louise diagnosed over-active adrenals & subsequently worked with my body to cure the problem. I have been pain-free for over 3 years now. I subsequently have been to see Louise for many other ailments including mental health, arthritis, stomach pains & difficulty sleeping. Now, I tend to do an MOT check-up with her just to balance my body & mind. I have also sent my daughter who is 8 to Louise & she picked up on over-production of glucose in my daughter right before she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She has also helped her loads with her emotions. I cannot recommend her highly enough & would suggest anyone suspend their disbelief & give this subtle practice of balancing the body a go!" E'lain Spreadbury

"I have been amazed by Louise's treatments. I love how she treats the whole body holistically and my health has really improved since seeing her. I also like the take home tips she teaches me which I can apply in my day to day life and for the rest of the family. I have also taken my children who enjoy their treatments. Thank you!" Rachel Cooke

"Louise has helped me tremendously identifying foods I cannot tolerate. Before seeing her I was at my wits' end.
She also helped me to balance my energy fields.
Thanks to her expertise I now feel much better. I recommend her wholeheartedly."

Hanna Bennett

"I definitely recommend Louise! She has helped me so much in so many areas of my life, so that my mental, emotional and physical self are in balance. It is absolutely astonishing the way in which she taps into deep things in my life that I would not have been able to tap into myself, until now. Normal counselling never really worked on me because I believe you can lie with words and believe something but your body will always tell the truth. It holds everything you’ve been through and what you’re going through. That is why I love kinesiology, it is so right to the point, and through my sessions with Louise I have been able to learn so much about myself and reshift my energy and mindset. Louise is the best kinesiologist I have had. Maybe that is also due to the fact that she genuinely cares." Valeria Beneditto

"Louise is an absolutely brilliant practitioner, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is very intuitive and a lovely person, creating a wonderful calming atmosphere from the moment you arrive. Louise gets right to the root of the problem." LC

"I met Louise at a women's health evening and when she spoke about kinesiology I knew I had to see her. I've suffered with bloating, digestive issues and a candida overgrowth for years.
I wasn't disappointed, kinesiology is amazing I can't recommend it enough.
Louise has a lovely approach, she's not judgey (yes, I like wine 😉) she doesn't criticise, just guides. She quickly confirmed the candida amongst other things and a short course of natural supplements had it cured. I was elated as I'd been trying so many other avenues for several years with no results. I've been to several return visits all with successful outcomes.
I've now taken my 10 year old daughter to see her and again was really happy. Louise was fantastic with her, made her feel really comfortable as its a bit odd for a child to understand.
Honestly if you have health issues and you find yourself banging your head against a brick wall with doctors please give her a visit, it's the best thing I've done for my health in years." Chloe Knott

"I highly recommend Louise! It has been such a wonderful & insightful journey, tackling both nutritional & emotional elements to realise true health & balance in such a supportive environment." Karen Mason

"I am 67 years old. For 20 years I was suffering with back, joint pain and emotional problems. The doctors prescribed some pills for me and told me 15 years ago that all my problems were because of my age. An Osteopath gave me a massage which did not help the pain in my joints. I had lost hope to be healed. One day I found online information about magical doctors called Kinesiologists who suggest that they can make body balance and to restore a broken chain between your muscles and brain! That is what I was looking for all my life and I have found it! I tried to find a practitioner near me and have found one in Market Harborough. It was nice young lady Louise Bourne. Because the Covid-19 quarantine first time we have met online. Her treatment through Whatsapp was very helpful. The next session was eye to eye. Louise was so attentive to detail and showed me a great knowledge of the subject. I felt better and better with every session. Louise explained to me that my back pain and emotional problems are connected. She explained to me how to deal with them.
My husband was very cautious and reluctant to meet Louise at first, but after seeing my good results with treatment, he decided to try and treat ‘untreatable’. Many years he was suffering with Tinnitus (noise in the ears). No one suggested any treatment. With every session the noise in his ears became less. His hearing improved. He was able to play his beloved organ again.
Louise is like a magician, with her magic wand she can make pain and other physical and mental problems disappear." Natalie Palusinski

"I had been suffering with severe bloating and digestive complaints for over 18 months and came across ‘kinesiology’ on an online forum. I decided to give it ago as the doctors appeared to be able to do nothing for my problems, other than put it down to IBS. After researching a number of practitioners I chose to visit Louise and I have never looked back. Even after the first appointment I felt a difference in the severity of my problems and a further two appointments later, Louise’s findings and recommendations have meant I can keep my bloating under control with ease and return to normality. Louise is extemely throrough and makes you feel at ease throughout the appointment. I truly believe that kinesiology works and as for Louise, she is a fantastic practitioner - Can’t thank you enough." Chloe Williams

"I cannot recommend Louise enough...she is absolutely brilliant at what she does..professional and puts you at ease straight away. I had been having palpitations for a few years which I knew was down to stress and emotional causes. I started seeing Louise and have not had any now for 6 months. This treatment has made such a difference to my life. Both my children have been treated by Louise, one for skin complaints and one for prolonged knee pain. We have seen big improvements for both issues. It is absolutely fascinating treatment that can help with emotional or physical compaints and I will continue to use it for myself and my family." Katherine Sheard

"Sceptic to believer: I suffered with severe headaches for many, many years. I had been told by numerous doctors that it was a form of migraine that they could only controlled with daily drugs. This I did not want. My daughter suggested I visit a Kinesiologist called Louise. After pressure from my wife and daughter I finally agreed to give it a try - reluctantly. I was then totally amazed to see an improvement almost immediately - going over a week without a headache which had not happened for many years. As I write this I have gone 4 weeks without a headache! This change has occurred after only three visits to see Louise.  It is not only the lack of headaches but I now also have a more positive outlook on life in general. I don't know how it works - but it does! I can't praise Louise highly enough - she has literally changed my life." Alan Foster

" I first went to see Louise as my 3 yr old was going through some emotional stuff she was very angry and very often lashed out at her older sister she had became very destructive and really wasn't very happy. She had one session with Louise and what she had recommended for her started working straight away she was like a different child over night. My daughter then had a heart operation back in November and afterwards was left a little traumatised so off we went to see Louise and again Louise knew just what she needed. And all is well again. Louise has also helped me with anxiety and confidence. She is so caring and easy going, you will instantly feel welcome and uplifted just being in her presence. She has definitely changed our lives. Thank you Louise you are awesome!" Emma Sovereign

"I visited Louise on a glowing recommendation. Having never encountered kinesiology before (and knowing very little about it) I was curious, hopeful and, in truth, a little apprehensive. However Louise immediately put me at ease and it very quickly became clear that she is a genuinely caring and extremely knowledgeable practioner.  It was lovely to be able to take time to talk through everything so thoroughly with her, and I really felt like she carefully put together a completely bespoke plan for me with such kindness, support, and encouragement along the way." - S.G.

"I had suffered with digestive problems for at least the last 5 years (probably a lot longer to be honest).  The symptoms of which were horrible and getting worse by the day - I was at the end of my tether and beginning to feel like I couldn't actually eat anything without awful side effects, when a friend suggested I try kinesiology.  I had never heard of it, but was willing to give anything a try.  I found Louise on the internet and contacted her.  Louise was lovely and quickly put me at ease and listened to my long list of symptoms and then started her magic!! I took on board all of her advice, suggestions, nutrition advice and avoided the food groups that were causing my many intolerances.  I had 5 sessions with Louise and at each one I could see that progress was being made and the various issues in my gut were disappearing one by one.  I can now eat normally again.  It was a standing joke that I would belch after eating - this no longer happens.  I now know how to look out for stress triggers and how to deal with issues if they were to arise.  I still don't understand what kinesiology is, other than it is magic - and I would highly recommend it, and Louise, to anyone who is suffering and needs some answers.  If you are committed to getting to the root of your problems then Louise can help and you can experience the magic of kinesiology for yourself.  I know I'm glad I did." - Jo Marshal

"I was given my session with Louise as a gift and wasn't sure what to expect. However, after three sessions I have noticed that my energy levels have increased and the lethargic / foggy feelings I used to get at certain times of the day have disappeared. I used to get digestive discomfort and that is also a thing of the past. I'm really satisfied with the results. Thank you Louise!" - Robert Almond

"I can't praise Louise enough! I have visited her with a few different problems, including joint pain and ibs. I have been 3 times now but even after the very first time I had no stomach pain for the first time in years, and my gp's diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis was totally wrong and I've suffered with no joint pain since! She's fabulous and I look forward to every treatment!" - Claire Marshall

"I cannot recommend Louise highly enough! She has treated both my children in their infancy with digestive complaints and resolved them immediately, enabling them to feed better, be more comfortable and sleep much much better!  I can't believe how quick and easy it was for kinesiology to identify that my daughter is lactose intolerance - so much better than waiting weeks for hospital appointments and test results. Now we can get on with things without worrying about making her sick. She is warm, caring, and compassionate and is wonderful with both adults and children alike. She really listens to what you have to say and works efficiently, instilling the utmost confidence through every part of the treatment.... and the results speak for themselves; thank you!" - Amy Kane

Louise is an excellent practitioner. She is clearly very knowledgeable about her subject and about the workings of the body and mind. She makes sure that she understands her clients and their needs. I had no particular health issues but decided to visit Louise for an 'MOT' on the recommendation of a friend. It was a very revealing experience and I decided to continue with several more treatments over the following months. I always left feeling invigorated. I have no hesitation in recommending her services." - Jonathan Stephens

"I consulted Louise due to what I thought was muscular aches and pains, but what Louise picked up was intolerance to gluten, for which she treated me and suggested some nutrition to take to help the situation. Within two weeks I was free from all my lower back and pelvic pain. I cintinued and with only three more treatments I am glad to say I am totally pain free and feel generally improved in many other ways too. Thank you Louise, I would recommend your expertise and helpful advice and making me feel comfortable at all times." - Jenny Driver

After years of managing my ME/CFS Louise has got to the bottom of so many of things that trigger it - both physical and emotional.  She is very intuitive and that helps her to get to the root cause of things.  I have to admit I don't really understand how it works but I don't really care as whatever she does makes such a difference.  Whenever I come back from seeing her my husband says I am glowing!  I would highly recommend Louise - if you're thinking of trying kinesiology you couldn't be in safer hands! Louise is amazing! - Caroline Prout

"Myself and my wife Janet have nothing but gratitude for what Louise has achieved in better health for us both. We felt slightly 'written off' by the NHS, especially after Janet was told that she would have to live with her neurological condition that leaves her very unsteady and her fatigue that makes her very tired. With Louise's ministrations, Janet's health is much better and she has improved greatly. My own health has also improved, as I sleep more peacefully and the physical aches and pain in my upper body have all but gone.

We are both very thankful for our new positive state of health. Louise is very professional in her approach and we highly recommend her." - Bob Wells

"Louise is a caring, compassionate and skilful practitioner. She takes great care to understand her patients and is very knowledgeable and effective in dealing with a range of physical, nutritional and emotional issues. She is extremely passionate about what she does - her enthusiasm is infectious - and I always feel much more positive and uplifted after a session with her. I would highly recommend her services." - Becky Panayi

"I have recently had very professional and effective treatment with Louise for headaches and neck pain.  I now have my life back, free from pain and with hugely improved psychological balance.  Louise picked up on issues that I didn't even realise I had until I started to feel so much better.

Louise's very reasonable fees have been such a small price to pay to solve my pain issues; especially considering that no amount of GP visits, chiropractic or physiotherapy over the past 10 years has given me any more than temporary relief. I recommend Kinesiology with Louise without reservation to anyone looking for a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing." - Abbey Spencer

"I had only two appointments with Louise and I am delighted with the results. Her dietary recommendations have made me feel much more balanced and she also introduced some most need lifestyle changes which are making me feel much healthier! Thank you." - Simon Powell

"I had been getting a very itchy, red rough exzema type rash over my hands for the last 6 months, sometimes it would flare up over my eye lids too. I had no idea what this could be, maybe stress? I saw Louise and with a very easy and simple test she found that I had Candida, an intolerance to sugar and yeast. I was put on some wonderful nutrition and within a couple of weeks, the rash had gone, I cut down on sugar too as it seemed to be feeding my condition....all in all, I felt so much better, clearer headed and less irritable, I am so glad I went to see Louise - Kinesiology is the way forward!." - Sarah Davis-Lynch

"A big Thank You to you for helping me to establish the causes of my sensitive stomach. Through your diligent practices I am no longer feeling as lethargic or tired as I used to and as a result I have lost weight and now walk at least 2 - 3 miles a day, occasionally it has been between 5 - 7 !! I have and will be recommending you to my friends, family and work associates." - Hazel Rosemin

"I have great faith in Louise as a practitioner of kinesiology. It is a strange practice and I'm still not fully sure how it works, but Louise makes you feel so comfortable and explains certain parts of the treatment in comprehensive terms, with confidence and clarity. Having suffered with hormonal and fertility issues for the past 4 years, I was thinking IUI or IVF were my next steps. Instead, I sought Louise's support. Through treatments with Louise and supplementation highlighted in our sessions, my hormonal issues have rebalanced naturally and I'm on the right road to natural conception. I am thrilled with the results I have achieved with Louise's support. (N.B. Melanie has now given birth to a beautiful boy - conceived swiftly and naturally!)" - Melanie Parsons

"I was recently treated by Louise Bourne, an experienced Kinesiologist in Market Harborough and I was taken aback by the outcome of my treatment. When I first went for a consultation, Louise assured me that she could help me, and my goodness, I was amazed by how she achieved this.

I contacted Louise after having had X-rays and scans on my ankles for which doctors put down to wear and tear. I could barely get out of bed each day, nor walk any distance without getting pain. I was not happy to accept what the doctors said so sought alternative therapy after having seen her add in a local magazine - 'Commercial Break'.

Louise worked on me for 4 sessions and as if by magic the treatment I have received from her, together with natural remedies has done the trick!!! I am so grateful for all the kindness that I have received by Louise and with what she has achieved with me that I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to anybody." - Sandy Seaward

"I would like to say thank you for restoring me to normality. After a long stay in hospital and being diagnosed with Still's Disease and a bombardment of antibiotics to treat, well, that is something yet be diagnosed, I and my family were at a loss to what was wrong with me and how to treat it.  My sister remembered she had been to you for a Kinesiology "taster" and urged me to give it a go, I am so glad she did.

I don't know if you remember, when I first came to you I weighed just over 9 stone and could barely walk as my muscles had began to waste whilst in hospital, you were so understanding with my inability to move my arms and legs and really put me at ease. To be honest I was so under the influence of prescribed drugs I couldn't tell you what you found or prescribed,  I just know I ordered it, took it and slowly started to feel better.

Each visit to you improved my health, every time I felt stronger and healthier, I began working from the office again rather than remotely, I could do the normal "Mum" things with my son, I have even been on the odd night out - thank you.

I would urge anyone to try Kinesiology with you, the results for me literally were life changing." - Margie Sullivan

"Louise is both warm and professional, and compassionate and insightful. Just being in her company feels therapeutic…then add in her knowledge about kinesiology and you can’t go wrong! Louise put her finger on several issues that had been bothering me for a while, and I’m already seeing improvements from the interventions she suggested. Thanks Louise!" - Emily Bennett

"This stuff really works! Can't believe how weak some of my muscles were and how they linked to precisely the problems that I'd been experiencing. Rather than GPs just giving me more meds, we were able to immediately find the nutrition that I needed as it completely changed my muscle strength when we found the right one." - Vandana Chitroda


"It really does work! My daughter (2yrs old) was suddenly waking in the night (having slept through previously) and screaming 4 - 6 times a night! There was no apparent reason for it.. hunger.. wet nappy, etc.. but it had gone on every night... for about 6 weeks. Then I found Louise.. In one session we were able to get to the root of the problem and a few simple rescue remedy drops in her water and she was sleeping soundly again after a 3 or 4 nights! Amazing! Its so hard with the little ones, as they can't tell you whats wrong. Kinesiology was the perfect way to work it out and with absolutely no distress to my daughter. So lovely to have such a good listener to talk to as well and air any other issues that might be causing problems. All in all a fab session and I would recommend it to anyone!" - Eva Lydon

"I was very skeptical about kinesiology at first, however it really works!!! Louise was professional and extremely helpful and I would strongly recommend her to any of my friends or family! Try it once to see for yourself, its fantastic!" - Libby Warrell

Trained by T.A.S.K & a member of the K.A.