Treatments for...

Below is some further detail about some of the most common issues that clients come to me with. These include:

- digestive issues

- stress

- sporting conditions and repetitive strains

- pregnancy issues

- babies and children

Digestive issues

Vast amount of health issues stem from our digestive system not working efficiently. Issues can start at the stomach: if food is not being broken down properly, due to lack of enzymes or digestive acids, then clients may experience heart-burn, indigestion, bloatedness and other uncomfortable symptoms. Muscle testing allows us to quickly discover if the stomach has all it needs to work efficiently.


The small intestine absorbs most of our food in order to create energy for the body; it struggles particularly when it is receiving food that it is only partially broken down due to the stomach's impaired performance. As a result, clients can feel tired and unwell as their body is not able to absorb the necessary nutrients.


The large intestine (or gut) plays a role in our health that cannot be underestimated. Often gut flora can become imbalanced and proliferate - for example, many people get thrush due to excess candida in their gut. Additionally, undetected fungal infections can cause glue ear, skin problems, headaches, tiredness and allergies.


Our guts also struggle to cope when they have become damaged. Worn down and perforated gut lining can allow toxins to pass into the bloodstream and this is often the cause of food sensitivities and allergies, as the body is incapable of processing these particular food types. Malfunctioning Ileo-caecal and Huston valves can also have far reaching effects and cause toxicity due to the body's waste products not being evacuated efficiently. People with IBS type symptoms can benefit hugely from kinesiological testing and treatment of these valves to get them working properly again.


Having been a teacher myself for over ten years, I am acutely aware of the impact that a high pressured life-style can have on one's health and well-being. It is crucial that we care for ourselves and our bodies so that we remain in good health and have plenty of energy for the good things in life!


The effects of stress both in careers and in the rest of your life can be far-reaching. How many people do you recognise with the following?

  • migraines
  • poor sleep
  • panic attacks
  • constantly worrying
  • IBS type symptoms
  • re-occurring infections and bugs
  • exhaustion
  • irritability
  • craving sweets/ uncontrollable snacking

Sporting conditions and repetitive muscle strain

Many people accept the above symptoms as an inevitable product of their careers, or their lifestyles. However, they don't have to be, unless you let them! Learning about how our muscles and corresponding organs are being affected can be a much-needed impetus for change and reassessing our priorities in life. At the very least, it provides the tools and techniques to help us cope! Certain nutrition and daily exercises can help imeasurably.

Kinesiology is becoming increasingly recognised and used within the sporting arena. Several football clubs including AC Milan now have their own club kinesiologists.

In order to be an effective athlete, your body needs to be working at its optimal level. Athletes can be negatively affected by all sorts of issues which can dramatically reduce their sporting performances.


Many athletes who keep fit and work out understandably assume that kinesiology's muscle testing will not be an accurate indicator, as they feel that their muscles will be strong. However, each muscle test is designed to isolate specific muscles and it comes as a shock to people that other muscles have been supporting and 'carrying' this weaker muscle without them realising.

If an athlete experiences repeated muscular issues for no apparent reason, then it may be purely structural, but there is also a strong possibility that it is the sign of the corresponding struggling organ or body system. On locating what this is, there are several techniques which can be used to strengthen the muscle. These involve deep lyphatic massage, locating and strengthening energy points, finding key nutrition that the body may crave and possibly making lifestyle changes which will help support the organ, thereby strengthening the muscle. People can literally leap off the treatment bed feeling completely different!

Many people feel unexplained fatigue and lethargy and can't quite fathom why. Very often it is linked to our digestive systems; food is often not digested properly and therefore does not yield the necessary energy. This can be due to the lack of key digestive components, or to food intolerances. Muscle testing can ascertain which components are needed and can also be used to test people's sensitivity to certain foods. Novak Djokovic attributes his recent spectacular run of success to eliminating wheat from his diet; wheat and dairy are indeed two very common offenders which cause gut issues and consequent lack of energy. Often clients don't have to cut out the 'offending' substance forever; instead, it allows you to make informed choices about diet and after a break, the substance can be slowly re-introduced.


Pregnancy issues

CONGRATULATIONS! At times it may not feel it, but you are conducting the most miraculous process in the world - you are growing a human being! Everything that forms your beautiful baby is coming from you: your diet, your nutrition, your hormones and your emotions...


Unfortunately, our food today doesn't always provide all the necessary nutrients that we need, let alone when creating a brand new skeleton, brain, nervous system etc. from scratch! Scientific reports are constantly proving what kinesiology has been showing for decades: Vitamin Bs are crucial for supporting and developing baby's nervous system, Calcium and Magnesium will help create a strong skeletal system. Mothers may also need nutritional support themselves: Vitamin C can be wonderful for the immune system and the adrenals. Vitamin Bs will also help mothers maintain a steady mood and inner strength; chromium can become very depleted in pregnancy and often needs replenishing as it is crucial for mood stability after the birth.


Kinesiology will tell us - through a few simple muscle tests - exactly what you and your unborn baby need to keep you both healthy and happy.

Babies and Children

Many people mistakenly lament the fact that kinesiology cannot be used on babies and young children. The wonderful news is that it can. Clearly, the baby cannot perform the muscle tests, but a surrogate can be used. By holding or touching the baby, they can then be tested and their responses inform the practitioner of what they need to know.


This has proven invaluable in many cases, especially as parents find it upsetting and frustrating that there is clearly something wrong that their child is unable to communicate. The following issues can often be resolved:

  • poor sleeping
  • repeated infections
  • suspected intolerances/allergies
  • asthma
  • excema
  • colic type symptoms
  • digestive issues
  • regurgitating food / milk
  • disturbed / distressed behaviour
  • poor co-ordination
  • lack of energy / listlessness

Having been a teacher for over ten years, the increasing amount of issues associated with children is a growing concern. Many parents become resigned to their children not being effective learners or perhaps displaying poor concentration or behavioural issues. More and more are feeling the need to turn to medication for their child.

Kinesiology's muscle testing is extremely effective for children. It can provide massive insight into issues or behavioural patterns. Nutrition often plays a key role - a child's behaviour can become transformed when they are supplied with a key vitamin or mineral that their body desperately lacked. Children who have been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD or autism have been found to be particularly responsive in this respect.

There are also powerful techniques which can be used for children suffering with reading difficulties, dyslexia, dispraxia and lack of co-ordination. Common conditions which children have suffered from since birth, such as asthma and excema can also be treated. All of these are completely non-invasive, drug-free and provided in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Finally, in a world which can be rather daunting and confusing at the best of times, emotional support is an important factor. Emotional fears and issues weaken all of us, but children may often have trouble both expressing and dealing with these. Muscle testing can help lead us to the emotional root of many problems and help provide your child with the strength and confidence to move on and up.


Trained by T.A.S.K & a member of the K.A.